Sunday, February 5, 2012

HALF-Time Superbowl Sale!

Ok, I am too excited.  And I know I will be adding pins to the board up to the minute, so I went ahead and put our MVP Cubes on sale.  The Most Valuable Practices include the Mathematical Practices in the Comnon Core!

Get them now and be sure sure to check out the 128 products (and growing) on the Pinterest Board link in the previous post!

These 18 cubes will help you SCORE in the classroom when students are problem solving-and they focus on the Mathematical Practices in the Common Core! Get them today only through HALF-time for $3.00!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl HALF-time Sale

So many great sellers on TpT are coming together for a HALF-time Superbowl sale! 

They plan to put many of their products on sale for HALF off during half-time of the Superbowl tomorrow!  Some are already on sale!!  We're pinning as many as we can to the following pinterest board:

So, score a TOUCHDOWN with these great deals and be sure to follow their TpT Store as a way to say thanks for so many of them joining the sale!  Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

If you sell on TpT and want to add your products, visit the Selling Tips section in the forum and look for the Superbowl Sale post.

Friday, February 3, 2012


MVP's in Math focus on the "Most Valuable Practices"-the eight Mathematical Practices in the Common Core State Standards for grades K-12 and are great to use when students are problem solving!  On Sunday, we will have a SUPERBOWL SALE! So, score a perfect "10" with these cubes and get them on sale Sunday!!
Check them out in our TpT Store:

Included in this packet you will receive::
A total of 18 MVP Cubes, GOAL sheets to observe and assess learning each Common Core Mathematical Practice, and great teacher info!
Each cube has 6 question prompts, giving you 108 prompts that you can use to focus on the mathematical practices with students while they solve rich word problems and talk about math!

Just print and fold the cube you want to use. Students roll a cube that has a prompt related to each mathematical practice and respond in a journal or on the template provided. The cubes can be used in a center, at table groups, whole class, or even to send home for parents to ask good questions while students solve problems.

The 18 cubes include:
~Nine BEFORE and DURING problem solving cubes- (6 prompt questions per cube), one for each mathematical practice (8) and one that combines multiple practices (1).

~Nine AFTER problem solving cubes- (6 prompts questions per cube), one for each mathematical practice (8) and one that combines multiple practices (1).

A GOAL sheet for "Gathering Observations to Assess Learning" for each practice that helps guide teacher observations to uncover student understanding and assess learning.

Information on each mathematical practice, ideas for instruction, and how to use the MVP cubes in a variety of ways is also included.

The PREVIEW file gives a great example of what is included for each practice, and gives you a look at the first mathematical practice, info, and cubes.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I really like wordle, but I LOVE Tagxedo and it seemed appropriate that we create one for Math & Science with "TLC"!  If you have not tried either, spend a few minutes...which will turn into a few more, but this would be a great activity for students and is easy to learn.  Have students generate key words about a topic and create a Tagxedo, choose a shape that represents the topic and wow!


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