Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's here!  The teacher appreciation JACKPOT sale!  Here is the direct link to our FREE download--and below, you will find the link-ups for K-2, 3-6, and 7-12.  Along with the links to stores for each grade in the 3-6 link-up.

From everyone at TLC-thanks for all you do each and every day!  We feel so fortunate to be able to have you in sessions, explore new ideas, and share all the great things happening in classrooms!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and Sunday, May 6th is sure to be your lucky day! I'm excited to announce the very first Teacher Appreciation Jackpot, an amazing "blog hop" event involving over 150 bloggers!

We wanted to show our appreciation for you in a BIG way, so we've all agreed to give away one of our TeachersPayTeachers products for free on that day! Each free gift will be valued at between $3 and $8, so the total jackpot amount is estimated to be over $500! We'll post the actual amount on Saturday, May 5th.

In the meantime, give a little TLC and take a look at the items in our TeachersPayTeachers store.  

Then, be sure to let me know which item you would like as your free gift? Keep in mind that the free item will be valued between $3 and $8. I'm not making any promises, but I'd love to see what interests you!

Be sure to FOLLOW our store for updates, free lessons, and more great ideas in math, science & technology.

For more info on this fun JACKPOT check out the following:

PK - Grade 2 - April McNair on A Modern Teacher

Grades 3 - 6 - Laura Candler on Corkboard Connections

Grades 7 - 12 - Adrianne Meldrum on The Tutor House

Thanks so much for all you do! We appreciate your commitment to your students and your dedication as an educator!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SCORE with our MVPs in Math!

We love this idea to focus on the MVPs in Math--the Most Valuable Practices in the Common Core-the mathematical practices!! We have 9 cubes for before/during problem solving and 9 cubes for after!  One for each mathematical practice and one that mixes them up! 18 cubes x 6 prompts per cube= 108 prompts that get kids thinking and keeps the mathematical practices right in front of us!

We also love our GOAL sheets to Gather Observations and Assess Learning of the practices!
K-2 Version:

3-8 Verson:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tech Talks

We have been meeting with a group of teachers this year to really explore technology integration.  We started with just getting together to share ideas, how we were using apps/tech in the classroom and started our QR code project.

I started thinking about this group today during Spring Break as my 12 year old, Parker, was in his teen-cave playing on Xbox.  He had heard that the Kinect could be used with his Halo game (not that I totally approve of this game choice).  :-)  But it was funny to watch him--he could speak commands and direct the game to do what he wanted.  "Scan"  "Flashlight on" "Flashlight off"

It just took me a minute to realize that he was talking to a sensor, connected to a tv, and giving it commands.  That's pretty awesome (which is probably not the correct *cool* word choice he would use).  I imagine that soon, we will do the same to our tv and computers...

Where do you think we will be in 5 years?  Just pondering....and thinking that technology is pretty amazing in so many ways.  

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scan It, Solve It, Show It!

We LOVE QR codes.  We have been finding some great ways to use them in the classroom.  The idea began with codes that could be placed inside literature books to extend topics--kids just scan the code and get more info.  (We'll share more about this project soon).  Then, the idea EXPLODED--we began using QR codes to launch rich math problems that were presented in animated videos using the Xtranormal website.  We began using the idea in PD sessions, and asking teachers to go back and try it out--and we are hearning AMAZING, EXCITING things.

So, I decided to ask our blog followers to do the same.  I have attached a good sampling of our latest idea...SCAN IT, SOLVE IT, SHOW IT.  The grade level is shown in the footer of the template.
To download the file, click here.  

How to Scan:
Any smartphone, ipad 2 or 3, tablet, or iTouch can be used.  Download a QR Code reader.  Once you have that app, open it and scan the code.  That should take you to the video.  Students watch the video (an much as they need to), then solve the problem using the I-chart template provided.

Give us Feedback:
All we ask is that you give us some feedback--we are hearing great things and plan to make many, many more...and to give you info on how to do the same.  How do your students respond? How do you organize the technology?  What did you think?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pi Day 5K

Well, I just noticed that I have not blogged since February!  Since I am new at the blogging piece, and trying to keep up with our FB pages (yes, I said pages), Twitter feed, and TpT site, I must admit that this just slid off the plate!  :-)

What have we been up to?  Well, we celebrated Pi Day in a big way.  We coordinated our FIRST signature race event.  The Pi Day 5K- a 3.14 mile run/walk to support our PD programs.  The response was OVERWHELMING and so much fun.  We had over 314 participants and supporters join us on a beautiful Saturday morning.  And what still makes me smile is the Cutie Pi Crew (along with so many others).  They crossed the 5K finish line and they were so excited about doing it!

So, now we are doing what I love most of all about my job--planning our summer PD!  I love summer PD.  Teachers are always amazing, but their energy in the summer, and the excitement about learning new things for their classroom is inspiring!   So, I promise to try to be a better blogger--in the meantime, my first order of the blog-o-sphere is to recruit some followers!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

HALF-Time Superbowl Sale!

Ok, I am too excited.  And I know I will be adding pins to the board up to the minute, so I went ahead and put our MVP Cubes on sale.  The Most Valuable Practices include the Mathematical Practices in the Comnon Core!

Get them now and be sure sure to check out the 128 products (and growing) on the Pinterest Board link in the previous post!

These 18 cubes will help you SCORE in the classroom when students are problem solving-and they focus on the Mathematical Practices in the Common Core! Get them today only through HALF-time for $3.00!


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